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Our real passion and commitment drives us to offer you high quality organic products for your baby.

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Bio Formula Milk is founded on the notion that we do best when we consider our own self-interests and the interests of the larger group. We believe we can do well by doing good and we want to ensure that our children and their children have a safe, clean and peaceful world to live in. Our real passion and commitment drives us to offer you high quality organic products for your baby. In 2017, we started this project and step-by-step grew our business into what it is today.

We are selling authentic formula at an affordable price. We obtain our Bio Formula Milk directly from the manufacturer on a regular basis. We are right at the source of supply so we can offer prices up to 60% better than any seller in the USA or Canada.

It is our mission to make European Bio Formula Milk available to other like-minded parents at an affordable cost – worldwide! Today we are the most affordable, trustworthy and reliable Vendor of Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert bio Formula Milk in Europe for the North American territories, providing the complete range of formula milk of all three brands.

We’re privately held and our small team runs the company from Germany and brings you this great website and the fantastic products you see on this site. We appreciate your visiting this site and shopping with us. We have a large, spotless and modern warehouse in Germany. A perfect network of formula manufacturers always guarantees the freshest batches.

We know receiving your shipment in a timely manner is important to you because hungry babies can’t wait! Therefore, we try to ship out the package as soon as possible to make the shortest delivery times possible. Shipping does take around 10-15 days. We make sure to pack all our parcels very carefully. We know that the package has a long way to go and want to make sure that it arrives in good condition.

Your baby & your family mean the world to us.  We are here for you and we want to ensure every interaction you have with our company is a positive one.  We would love to hear from you! We believe in the importance of providing fast and comprehensive support and for this purpose we have a support team based in Montreal, QC, Canada. Our service team typically answers your e-mails within a couple hours. Feel free to contact us.

If you are always looking for the best prices on a product and want to shop safe and fast, then we are definitely the best option available for European Bio Formula Milk.

36 AGE (upto months)

We have COMPLETE RANGE of organic formula.

We have all the three best European brands of bio formula milk serving from baby’s birth to 3 years of age. Complete range from Pre to Stage 4 and all categories i.e. Holle Cow, Holle Goat, Lebenswert Bio, HiPP Bio, HiPP Combiotic, HiPP Special, HiPP Hypoallergenic & HiPP Goodnight Milk!